The insurance company assumes the financial risk of covering these events in exchange for the premiums paid by the policyholder. There are many different types of insurance,

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When you think of all the things that keep you up at night

health insurance has to be somewhere near the top of the list. After all, most people don’t understand what they are getting for all of those ridiculously high priced premiums. Here’s what we should understand … we want the most value for our hard earned dollar, and when we don’t have the right coverage, all of our assets are at risk! We all work extremely hard over the course of our lives to be good providers for our families. Whether we are providing for multiple family members, or providing only for ourselves, we are providers. Think about this … we all have a craft, and we work tirelessly trading time for money, saving what we can, building up our investments, qualifying for a mortgage, sacrificing special moments with loved ones, being generous, and all the while growing older. Here’s the catch. All of these noble endeavors are likely futile without health insurance! I know, that sounds rather harsh and quite direct. The moment you have a sudden and unexpected medical claim that you are unprepared for, it can and will put you and every asset you have at risk. In fact, this is the #1 reason for bankruptcy in our country.

At 7k Metals, our desire is for everyone to know and understand

the wisdom of converting your currency, a depreciating asset, into something of value through our collectible numismatic coins. Additionally, we want you to own an asset that will hold its value, even when there is great concern and uncertainty with our economy. Health insurance is one of the best lines of defense for protecting what you’ve worked so hard to create. One of our many member benefits for belonging to the 7k family, is your direct access to affordable health care and health insurance.

Would you like to know how far your dollar will go to protect you?

CLICK HERE to preview the Atlas Health Plans or to speak with a qualified health care professional. We are waiting for you! Oh, and don’t worry, we’ve already thought about your situation before you did and just the right plan is available, even for your pets! Need more? Our best surprise is that we are very tech savvy, acknowledging that 82% of us run our lives and our business directly from our smart phones and devices. Each of our plans, once obtained, will allow you to download our new app, making it simple and effective for you to manage all of your most important health related issues, like getting a prescription, scheduling an appointment, evaluating best fees and services between providers, storing your ID cards, locating providers near you, and getting directions! Now that’s sweet!

At 7k, we have your back

so you can always keep your eyes in front of you and focused on what is most important.

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